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Selling Gold is Easy! Today as the economy worsens and as gold prices are sky rocketing more and more Cash for Gold operations are springing up everyday. During the past few years, no other industry has grown so fast or so quickly and as with all new growth there the good guys and the bad guys. Every industry has them, the rotten apples that give the rest of us a bad name! So, we have come up with a few quick and easy Tips when it comes to selling your gold, and we hope this helps you have a positive experience and get more cash.

Tips: There are a number of things you need to consider before selling your gold

You bring your items in or you ship them out and the dealer evaluates them, tests them, weighs them, and pays you. However, howdo you know if your getting a Fiar Pricel? Here are a few Tips::

5 Tips

1. Is the business you are dealing with legit and legal? Often fly by night operations that focus on the buying and selling precious metals defraud their customers, use illegal scales, fail to comply with local authorities and can even be dangerous. Dealing with unscrupulous dealers is not worth the risk.

2. What is the reputation, ratings, reviews of the company you plan on doing business with? Do they have a good reputation and what is their BBB rating? Quite often many companies have a terrible track record, its advisable that you know this ahead of time and save yourself the head aches.

3. Are they Honest, Transparent, and Fair? An honest dealer will show you what you have, how much it wights, the test results, the Spot Price of the Precious Metal, and your items true Value. A dishonest dealer will try to hide as much as possible and will avoid answering the tough questions.

4. Live Quotes vs Phone Quotes. Phone quotes are meant to be enticing. Often dealers will quote you in dwt instead of grams to make their payouts more appealing. Other times, you may be quoted an inflated priced designed to draw you in, which is very hard to get unless you have massive quantities. Its always best to go in person. Find a few dealers who have a good reputation, a good track record and visit them. There is a big difference on how one dealer treats and evaluates your items versus another dealer. In the end, there is really only one way to find out what a dealer is willing to pay you and that is to go in person.

5. Top Price Guarantees. Nearly everyone has a "Top Price Guarantee" and most of them are near impossible to get. For instance, most such guarantees require a hand written and signed quote on the day of the sale. Most buyers will not furnish such a quote only to see their business go elsewhere.

7 Thins You need to know before selling your gold

1. Did you know that some Gold Buyers pay as low as 10% of the Market Value?
We let you name your price!

2. 75% of Pawn Shop customers are unhappy with the prices they are offered
Most all our customers return at least two times!

3. Most Jewelry Buyers hide the Test & Weight of your precious metals
We weight & test in front of you and show you exactly what your precious metals are worth

4. Most 'Top Price Guarantees' require a Very Hard-To-Get Signature
All we need is a valid number from a valid competitor!

5. According to Department of Weights & Measurements: Over 200 local Gold Buyers were fined $50,000 for having bad scales
Our Scales are legal for trade.

6. Do you know the Credibility & Trustworthiness of a Business?
We are part of the BBB, we have an oustanding reputation, and are often featured on the News!

7. Know Our Price!